VoICE – Vocal Inventory Clustering Engine

All code here written by Zachary Burkett and Nancy Day. All code here is provided as is. Any revisions to the code will be posted with a date.

13 May 2015 – edits to R files for updated WGCNA package

VoICE User Manual

See these GitHub pages for tutorials on the use of VoICE:

Links to older versions of the VoICE software that are no longer updated:

VoICE – Mac  | Windows

VoICE USV – Mac | Windows

MATLAB code for song sequence analysis, resampling statistics, and microarray pre-processing

All code here written by Austin Hilliard. Anyone is free to use/re-use any of it, however, ATH offers absolutely no warranty and cannot guarantee it will work as intended on your particular system. Dependencies are noted or provided when possible.


Example code exploring Supp. Table S2 from Hilliard et al., 2012… search_examples.R
Pre-processing functions for removing outlier probes and samples, and normalizing… micorarray_preprocessing.R


Session 1 (1/15/09): Powerpoint
Session 2 (1/22/09): Powerpoint (Incomplete, see Session 3)
Session 3 (1/29/09): Powerpoint + Code for transition probability + Example data
Session 4 (2/5/09): Powerpoint + Code comparing means of 2 independent datasets
Session 5 (2/12/09): Powerpoint + Better version of code to compare 2 independent datasets; more descriptive help file, checks user input, outputs struct, can demo using randomly generated data
Session 6 (2/19/09): Powerpoint

Resampling code for comparing 2 dependent (paired) datasets

All MATLAB resampling functions on this page require at least one of sample.m, proportion.m and/or count.m from Daniel Kaplan’s resampling toolbox


Compute transition probability from leading to following syllable, and to the end of a motif… m-file

Compute transition probability matrix of dataset. Rows represent leading syllables, columns represent following syllables, e.g. the entry at position (3,2) is the probability that syllable 3 will be followed by syllable 2. The final column represents the probability of that leading syllable ending the motif… m-file